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We worked closely with the architects and contestants alike, and strong relationships were formed all round. Learn more about the contestants here...

House Race Presenters & Contestants

Dr Benfield with the Presenters and Contestants of House Race

Ian and Victoria Tuckley

Ian and Victoria love a bit of adventure - they recently went travelling through North and Central America, Japan and Hong Kong amongst other places. So building a house in a few days should be an easy task for them!

Ian and Victoria Tuckley

Although they have never built a DIY kit self-build house before, they have done DIY and renovation jobs to their previous properties and only had a few minor disasters, including the old favourite of drilling through a water pipe! The Tuckleys are currently waiting to move into a new home in Northampton, but would eventually love to build their own home somewhere exotic.

They're really looking forward to the challenge and are very enthusiastic about their house, which is to be environmentally sensitive, yet suitable for an urban setting.


Ray and Joanne Hulse

Ray and Joanne first got interested in building their own new home when they bought their first home which was a new-build, so they had the opportunity to influence the way it was built.

Ray and Joanne Hulse

Since then they have renovated and decorated the house they have lived in for nearly four years in Ellesmere Port and have decided to take the plunge and go for House Race! They are very excited about the prospect of building their own home, Joanne even admits that she felt really tearful when she saw the drawings for the first time! So far, they have loved the process so much that they are set to go ahead whether they win or not and have already looked at several possible plots of land.

The house will be based on their ideal home which would be an open plan barn conversion with lots of natural light and space.

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