The Construction Industry Research and Information Association was founded in 1960. In recent times the organisations' name was shortened to CIRIA. Today, CIRIA is now known solely by its abbreviated name. CIRIA's mission is to improve the performance of those in the construction and related industries.

Construction Industry Research and Information Association

Benfield ATT are members of CIRIA. Membership includes all construction stakeholder groups and covers both the supply and demand sides of the industry, as well as the majority of relevant public sector champions and regulators. All their work is member-driven, and the ensuing dialogue between the various interest groups, coupled with the rigorous and proven processes employed, ensures that the results are soundly based. They are also auditably taken up and implemented throughout the industry.

CIRIA has a global reach and is engaged in dialogue with the majority of leading construction research organisations and universities, both in the UK and overseas.

In 2003

  • 71 Core Members shared in CIRIA's ownership - a new record!
  • more than 600 separate organisations subscribed to one or more of CIRIA's categories of membership
  • revenues increased from £3.3m to £3.9
  • online sales of CIRIA publications accounted for 22% of the total, up from 12% in 2002
  • there were 25 new publications and 24 new project starts
  • around 3500 people attended just over 100 separate events
  • CIRIA News was mailed to 32,000 people once a quarter
  • CIRIA Highlights was emailed to over 11,000 people every fortnight
  • received more than 150,000 monthly visits, a threefold increase on 2001.
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