Environmental Policy

With society on the verge of major transformation, it recognises that construction and consultancy organisations can help restore ecosystems and protect the environment through demonstration as well as commercial activity, while encouraging innovation, prosperity, meaningful work, and true security.


Recognition & Commitment

As governments worldwide apply regulatory and fiscal pressures to secure these goals, Benfield ATT has the ability to assist present and future generations create a remarkably different economy. In so doing, it can help industry, commerce, institutions, and citizens achieve the widespread environmental sustainability needed to meet these challenges appropriately and effectively.

Through its engagement with industry, commerce and the community, Benfield ATT was already at the heart of plans to minimise adverse industrial and commercial impacts. Now it has committed to a rolling process of internal reform and educational as well as commercial development. Underpinned by the concept of sustainable development, this reform aims to help prevent pollution, safeguard the environment, protect public health & welfare, secure social stability, and promote economic development.


To meet this commitment, Benfield ATT will promote a 'culture of sustainability'. Its' Environmental Policy Review Panel (EPRP) will oversee the development and application of a range of Environmental Policies in accordance with environmental legislation, ISO 14001, and EMAS requirements across all areas of corporate operations. In consultation with 'grassroots' stakeholders, the EPRP will establish an Environmental Management System (EMS), designed to seek cost effectiveness and efficiency, allocating savings to other areas of Environmental Policy. The EMS will also incorporate an Environmental Policy Action Plan (EPAP) for immediate implementation after approval by the Directors.

While reaction to circumstances can be expensive, anticipation can be effective, cost efficient and lead to competitive advantage. Recognising this, Benfield ATT will collect and receive information to detect early warnings on trends and developments that may affect its own and stakeholder activities. Working with decision-makers throughout society, this process will include the monitoring and reporting of resource flows through both its own and stakeholder operations. In discharging its duty of care and attention to stakeholders, Benfield ATT will provide them with this information, advise them of anticipated regulatory and legislative change, and encourage them to develop their own Environmental Strategies.

Implementation, R&D and Reporting

To achieve these objectives, Benfield ATT will identify and/or recruit people able to measure, monitor and manage all of its' environmentally related inputs and outputs, giving them the authority and resources needed to do this. Company members will be required to observe recommendations arising from these activities endorsed by the Environmental Policy Advisory Panel.

Benfield ATT will engage with appropriate professional and other institutions, to research and recognise historical liabilities, promote consistency and cohesiveness in data, ceaselessly innovate for sustainability, and help develop standards of Best Practice for tomorrow.

Operating within the Company's Environmental Management System, and in conjunction with the objectives and targets specified in its'Environmental Policy Action Plan, each activity area will regularly review its' operations for effects on the environment, the community and stakeholders. As part of a process designed to achieve continuous improvement, both EMS and EPAP objectives and targets will also be subject to regular review by the Environmental Policy Review Panel (see examples of headline Environmental Policies). These reviews, revisions and performance levels, will be published as an Environmental Report to accompany each Annual Report.


In a 'culture of sustainability', all employees will be offered training in environmental awareness. Recognising the environmental ethos as a driving force, its' specialist Environmental team will regularly provide education in environmental legislation for departmental heads and other senior staff. Key managers will also be given intensive environmental training courses to promote professional competence in the management of facilities. National Vocational, City & Guilds, Management and other Qualifications, covering all areas of environmental concern, will be encouraged for staff and stakeholders alike.

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